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In 2007, WODYS formed its own training academy known as “WODAC”, intended for those youngsters who are on the WODYS Waiting List. As WODYS only audition for new members each Autumn, we were keen to provide opportunities for those youngsters who have not yet secured a place, and those who have joined the waiting list after the cut-off in mid-August to enter the annual auditions. WODAC provides a mixture of workshop and performance based trained, usually running between January and July each year. Workshops take place on a number of Thursday early evenings between 6pm and 7.30pm, and the schedule of dates is usually published early in the New Year to those on the Waiting List. The workshops offer a mixture of dance, movement, singing, drama, improvisation, general stage craft and confidence building activities. Some workshops also offer the opportunity for the youngsters to perform set pieces at the end of the workshop to whomever is collecting them. Workshops cost £1 per session and cater for a maximum of 35 youngsters each session.
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